Terms of Reference

Non-Executive National Think Tank on Geospatial Strategy for New India

  • Type of Entity Non-Executive and Volunteer Group of Leaders
  • Purpose Development of a comprehensive, cohesive, coordinated, and conducive national geospatial strategy, encompassing shared vision and values of public authorities, private sector enterprises, academic institutions and users, laying the foundation for robust and innovative geospatial industry in India facilitating more significant adoption of geospatial technology across various sectors of governance, development and businesses in India
  • Tenure Tenure of the Think Tank shall be four years covering 2019 to 2022
  • Membership Criterion Professionals having a credible background and willingness to contribute voluntarily
  • Funding Mechanism Geospatial Media shall allocate Rs. 10 lacs annually towards organizing meetings and secretarial support
  • Meetings Think Tank shall meet at least twice in a year
  • Ethics and Values Think Tank shall work together with a common vision of serving the national goals and shall preserve the integrity and intellectual propriety of its members.