Presents The digital marketplace powered by AI for EO Date: 23rd September 2020 Time:
Italy h 16:00
USA (NY) h 10:00
China (Beijing) h 10pm
Australia (Sydney) h 24:00
Argentina 11 am
Brazil h 11:00
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A market leader in Earth Observation (EO) data, e-Geos presents CLEOS: A user friendly, professional environment to build, test, validate and scale AI based Geoinformation Services.

Unique Benefits on Offer

With CLEOS you can:

  • Access digital services of vertical application platforms
  • Access proprietary data (COSMO-SkyMed and COSMO Second Generation)
  • Access EO and non EO Third Party data for which e-GEOS has distribution agreements (e.g. MAXAR, Airbus)
  • Access specific microservices (e.g. SAR Data Preparation, Change Detection)

For long, businesses have been looking for a platform that provides openness to new data sources and technologies along with reduced market time, and CLEOS is the answer.

Make it a part of your growth story now.

Curious to know more? Read blog on - CLEOS: Taking geoinformation analytics to new heights.

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