European Geospatial Business Scenario
Reality: Perception: Future

The 'European Geospatial Business Scenario' provides the state of Geospatial Industry in Europe. It includes an introduction that talks of the Geospatial ecosystem, the changing dynamics in the Geospatial Industry, disruptive technologies, changing business and sales models, consumerization of data and technology and questions where the money in the industry is. The European Geospatial Business Outlook is to understand and analyse the business profile of the Geospatial Industry in Europe. The report includes data sets covering the nature of business, services offered, technology offering and focus industry among others. The report also comments on the prospects in the industry and their current performance and projected trends. The information in the industry herein is going to be useful to anyone in the Geospatial industry.

Key Findings
  • There is a shift in the nature of the Geospatial industry and more and more businesses are adopting a solution approach
  • Data is at the core of Geospatial industry and it will continue to grow exponentially over the years as the trend is to move towards Big Data Analysis. Big data analysis is the 'rising star' of European Geospatial Industry
  • The Geospatial analytics market in Europe is driven by high demand for GIS and GPS technologies for monitoring and tracking, location mapping and transfer of real-time information
  • From the respondents profile, it can be inferred that the revenue source for the industry in Europe is divided almost equally between public and private stakeholders
  • A massive shift is being seen in the user segment of Geospatial technologies where users with no recognized expertise in geospatial are using Geospatial technology
  • Industries like banking, insurance and retail are non-geospatial in nature but are beginning to use Geospatial technologies for their benefit.
  • Consumption based business model and Shared economic infrastructure model are coming more into focus for users like to pay for what they consume and industry providers like to make efficient use of value added through cloud and open data to their service offerings that are becoming more solution centric.
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