Geospatial Technology for Electricity Industry: Trends & Prospects 2015

'Geospatial Technology for Electricity Industry: Trends & Prospects 2015', highlights the integration of GIS with other enterprise system essential to harness its rich potential. The reports highlight the benefits derived from GIS and how the level of integration improves because of GIS. The report highlights the fundamental transformation of every aspect of the utility industry and the role of geospatial data and technology in the electricity industry. Also discussed is the application of geospatial technology like in outage management, asset management, etc. The report also includes a market assessment of Geospatial Technology in Electricity Industry globally with a special focus on South East Asia, India, North America and Europe.

Key Features
  • Global survey of 170 organizations in the electric power sector, most of which are power distribution companies
  • Professional and in depth study on the usage and value proposition of Geospatial Technology in Electricity industry globally
  • 50+ tables and figures in the report providing key statistics on the state of Geospatial Technology in the Electricity industry
Key Findings
  • Records management and asset management are the most common usages of GIS for a typical distribution utility with 89% and 84% respectively. Nearly 70% of the utilities which have a GIS system in place are using it for network monitoring
  • The utilities in the USA and European countries have started using GIS for various strategic operations have begun to integrate it with the major business platforms like SCADA and ERP
  • Electric utilities across the world has benefitted from GIS, vastly improving the management of their complex operations, varied customer service and helping them to monitor the network better
  • Better network monitoring, improved decision making, efficiency and reduced network down time has been cited by the electric utilities as significant benefits of using GIS
  • Nearly 84% of the GIS users in the electric utilities sector have integrated it with their Distribution Management System (DMS)
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