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Leaving No One Off the Map: Gridded Population Data for Decision-Making

Tuesday, February 04, 2020 @ 09:30 AM EST

The world population has nearly quintupled in the past 100 years, yet our understanding of our fellow global citizens is still often limited and out of date. In recent years, gridded population data have proven integral for policymakers to better understand populations, including population growth and change, as well as plan interventions and work to ensure that no one is left off the map. However, a recent survey of National Statistical Offices revealed that officials are still largely unaware of such resources.

In this webinar, SDSN TReNDS will present insights from its upcoming report, including:

  • What is currently known about gridded population data sets, including their potential and limitations
  • Analyses of major global gridded population data sets produced by organizations participating in the POPGRID collaborative (a multi-stakeholder group that aims to foster increased understanding and cooperation among data providers, users, and sponsors concerned with georeferenced data on population, human settlements and infrastructure)

About the Speakers

Dr. Robert Chen Director, CIESIN & Manager, SEDAC bchen@ciesin.columbia.edu
Maryam Rabiee Manager, SDSN TReNDS Maryam.rabiee@unsdsn.org

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