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Disruptive and high-end automated 3D Mapping

Tuesday, July 14, 2020 @ 11:00 AM IST


LiDAR data is gaining popularity in engineering projects by various government agencies, in multiple applications and various stages in infrastructure projects like procurement/contract, project planning, project execution, operation, and maintenance. It helps eliminate the need for multiple different surveys in the field and provides more exact measurement and saves time.

However LIDAR data capturing and processing leads to challenges including management of the massive volumes of data easily and efficiently without affecting productivity or lose much time; sharing of such voluminous data with stakeholders for quicker decision making; and smart extraction of required features like assets which are in different sizes and shapes, objects, terrain, contours.


This free-to-attend webinar, hosted by Geospatial Media & Communications and presented by Bentley, will address the above challenges through the innovative technology called Orbit 3D Mapping with its state-of-the-art feature capabilities like Data Management, Fully and Semi-automatic extraction of assets, and features and powerful publishing that help to share such data with high efficiency to stakeholders.

Target Sectors: Infrastructure, engineering, construction, transportation, smart cities, telecom; power, surveying, mapping, data capturing

Outreach: SAARC countries


Reality Capture Orbit technology as the hybrid platform for 3D mapping content in a performant, easy to use, highly accurate and versatile way for India. Hardware-neutral, Orbit gives you the full 3D 360° view of the world by enabling real-time fusion of street-level, aerial, indoor, and static data collection of any size from any system.

About the Speakers

Rekha A

Senior Consultant
Business Development
Bentley Systems India

Kanwaldeep Singh Kahlon

Director Business Development
GeoKno India


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