Virtual Summit on

GeoIntelligence and Changing Security Landscape

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The 21st century has been witness to a major shift in the global economy, security and political structure courtesy two major factors: the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) triggering digitalization and technological advancements; and the emergence of China as a formidable economic and military power.

GeoIntelligence, a broad field which integrates geospatial data with defense, internal security and public safety, has been gaining momentum over the years. Today, countries are investing more than ever to monitor, predict and counter threats on land, sea, air and Space. Further, disruptive technologies are opening new avenues for GeoIntelligence application, and critical infrastructures such as GNSS is being made more resilient and reliable. This paradigm shift is forcing governments to come up with new partnerships policies, a case in point being the Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement for Geospatial Cooperation BECA) between India and the US.

In this background, Geospatial Media & Commuications will hold a high-level virtual summit addressing the GeoIntelligence community's significant challenges and opportunities, and how it can support the fight against changing security situations in this new world order.

Topics of Discussion

  • India-US strategic ties
  • Changing security landscape
  • Critical infrastructure
  • Technology trends
  • New application areas

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Session Time (EDT) Session Theme


Keynote Session : GeoIntelligence and Changing Security Landscape


Session 1: India-US Strategic Alliance — The GeoIntelligence Perspective

Discussion points:

  • Importance of India-US relations and its global impact
  • BECA and its impact on Indo-Pacific region
  • Data sharing and data sovereignty


Session 2: National Security in the New World Order

Discussion points:

  • Dimensions of emerging world order and its impact on national security
  • Collaborative approach to address the challenges of new world order
  • Data sovereignty and data security


Session 3: Transforming GeoIntelligence Enterprise & Positioning Infrastructure

Discussion points:

  • GeoIntelligence enterprise
  • Positioning infrastructure
  • Digital infrastructure


Session 4: Technology Trends and GeoIntelligence Applications in Digital Age

Discussion points:

  • Integrated Earth Observation platform: From surface to Space
  • Maritime domain awareness (MDA)
  • Tackling cyber threats: Geospatial and AI
  • Situational Awareness (SA) in air and Space