To be a knowledge hub that helps in enhancing policies, processes and practices around geospatial and other emerging technologies. Providing insights and solutions by undertaking research and analytics studies on market behavior, requirements, challenges and prospects.

Delivering high-quality analysis and business intelligence

The geospatial industry now stands at the threshold of another giant leap. The impact that these technologies can create for key sectors that drive the economy is immense. Our team of experienced researchers aims at getting a broad understanding of the mandate, trends and business models of Government & Public Administration, Architecture Engineering and Construction (AEC) and other sectors, understanding the challenges facing them and their requirements, to facilitate collaborative mechanisms with the geospatial industry.

Market Reports

Our market reports provide vital information on geospatial industry dynamics and sectoral opportunities.
What makes our reports so special?


Our reports include vital information on various geospatial technologies from different regions and industries


The reports go through a multi-layer quality check and expert feedback to ensure that the data is accurate and validated


Our reports provide a holistic view of different regions


The reports can be customized to suit the organization's needs and requirements

Latest Report

GeoBuiz Report 2019

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Latest Industry Reports

Custom Research & Consulting

Having an in-depth understanding of the geospatial industry, along with the expertise in market research, Geospatial Media is providing research and consulting services to a variety of stakeholders in the geospatial industry. Our services include:

National and regional industry studies and capacity building activities for National Mapping Agencies

Market potential and need assessment studies for geospatial companies

Policy landscape assessment and recommendation studies for leading policy organizations

Custom studies to assess the gaps and potential of geospatial uptake in allied industries