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To be a knowledge hub enhancing policies, processes and practices of geographical information and technologies in critical economic industries and geographies through undertaking research and analytics studies on market behaviour, requirements, challenges and prospects

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The geospatial industry now stands at the threshold of another giant leap. The implication and impact that this technology can create for key industries that drive the economy is far from its true potential. Our team of experienced researchers aim at getting a broad understanding of the mandate, trends, business models of the industry like electricity, land, construction and agriculture and understand their challenges and requirements and facilitate collaborative mechanisms with geospatial industries.

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Market Reports

Our market reports highlight key industry segments like National Mapping, cadaster & land, electricity, construction, and agriculture. The market report offers:

  • Market insight and trends
  • Opportunities and challenges
  • Market awareness and perception

Coverage Our reports includes vital information on various geospatial technologies from different regions and industries

Reliability The reports go through a multi layer quality check to ensure that all data is valid and accurate

Consolidation Our reports provide a holistic view of many different regions

Customization The reports can be customized to suit the organisations needs and requirements

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Policy Advocacy

We advocate legislation and policies for geospatial technology by influencing the opinions, decisions and action that promote the role of geospatial technology for economic development of a nation. Effective advocacy requires research to map out the policy terrain and the interests at stake. Our team uses a strategic approach to achieve results in this sphere.