Global Geospatial Industry Outlook

Do you often wonder about the trends and directions of the geospatial industry? Are you aware, where your country stands in the Geospatial Readiness Index?

The Global Geospatial Industry Outlook by Geospatial Media gives an answer to all your questions!

Global Geospatial Industry Outlook
Information on 500+ Geospatial Industry Players 1500+ press releases mapped In a first ever study, 50 countries ranked on their Geospatial Readiness

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The Global Geospatial Industry Outlook is presented in two parts:

  • Global Geospatial Industry Trends: On scrutinizing 500+ companies and mapping 1500+ press releases, this section defines the geospatial technology and product trends, drivers of business ecosystem, etc., presenting a transparent picture of the global geospatial industry fabric.
  • Countries Geospatial Readiness Index: In a first ever study, 50 economies representing 75% of the world’s population and 89% of the world’s GDP have been ranked on their geospatial readiness based on the geospatial infrastructure, policy preparedness, local industry growth, institutional & research capacity and user adoption of the technology.

Key Findings

  • Driving technologies have been disrupting the geospatial industry fabric and adding new dimensions to the value of geoinformation creating a geographical language of communication between policies, processes and practices
  • More than 40% of the global industry players are oriented towards offering services in the geospatial market and covers almost 50% of the global system integrator companies
  • North America, followed closely by Europe takes over the market with largest percentage of hardware, software and solution providers; the Asia Pacific region dominates with the largest percentage of service providers
  • 40% of the industry players of the Geospatial ecosystem have an enhanced working role in the GNSS space in both consumer and professional markets
  • Industry is witnessing a ‘fusion’ of hardware, software and data to create, manage and deliver seamless solutions, so much so, that 14% of hardware companies today make software as well
  • Defence and Security brings in a massive volume of business followed by transport infrastructure, land administration, agriculture and urban development and smart cities
  • United States, United Kingdom and The Netherlands lead the Countries Geospatial Readiness Index for their efficient geospatial infrastructure & enabling policy framework, excellent institutional capacity, an in-depth user adoption across all industry levels and strong industry fabric
  • Canada ranks at number 4 for it has the most sophisticated and geospatial innovative society riding on open data policies, institutions to promote strong geospatial uptake at national, regional and local level
  • Brazil ranks at number 28 as the geospatial industry in the country is maturing as they realise the benefits of using technology and the need for an operation geospatial infrastructure
  • Zimbabwe, Bangladesh and Kyrgyz Republic rank as beginners in the Countries Geospatial Readiness index
Global Geospatial Industry Outlook