To provide a unique platform offering opportunities to extend outreach, share knowledge, facilitate networking and enable business development among policymakers, users and technology providers. We bring together geospatial industry stakeholders, users and policy leaders at our events for thought leadership and knowledge exchange. Our global, regional, national and industry-specific conferences act as a common ground for expanding geospatial knowledge in the world.

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Driving the geospatial industry forward, showing thought leadership, enabling collaborations, and accelarating business development across the globe.







Our Conference Footprint Across the Globe

We are creating an impact across 25+ countries over the last 22 years.

Our Brands

Global Thought
Leadership Events

Our global geospatial events pave a path for the geospatial industry into the future through deliberations on technology directions, policy road maps, and disruptive business models.

Geospatial World Forum

20-22 October 2021 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The annual event is known for its futuristic themes, engaging content and top-level attendees. Geospatial World Forum is the most talked-about geospatial industry conference. The event acts as a melting pot for cross-industry collaboration.

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GeoBuiz Summit

11-12 January 2022 | California, USA

The only geospatial business leaders’ conference that brings together thought leaders and decision-makers from North America, the IT and geospatial hub of the world. Join us to understand the future business directions and digital transformation trends.

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Regional Exchanges

Our regional forums enable the local industry to flourish and make an impact on respective economies. We showcase the latest technologies, bring out the best use cases and policy practices, for the community to learn and prosper.

GeoSmart India

24-26 August 2021 | Hyderabad, India

An interactive platform that demonstrates the collective vision of the Indian geospatial community. It is the most prominent stakeholder event of the Indian geospatial ecosystem. The conference plays an integral role in bringing together the geospatial industry in India to discuss and debate around issues concerning the New India vision.

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GeoSmart Asia

GeoSmart Asia has gained the repute of being the most premier and sought after Asia Pacific conference and exhibition on geospatial technology and application. The forum has travelled to Thailand, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam, connecting high profile delegates from policy, technology, user and academic communities across the region.

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Americas Geospatial Forum

Focusing on Latin America and The Caribbean regions, the conference aims to connect the geospatial community, business enterprises, government, researchers and academia. The event was previously called the 'Latin America Geospatial Forum’.

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Vertical Industry Events

Bringing together professionals working on future technologies and enabling them to form close-knit communities is the aim of our vertical industry conferences.


2-3 December 2021 | Virtual

An exclusive platform in Europe that brings cross-industry collaboration between construction, geospatial and digital technology players. The event brings together 150+ tech enthusiasts from the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry to discuss the digital transformation across various industry workflows.

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AEC Forum

25-26 August 2021 | Hyderabad, India

AEC Forum is a unique knowledge-sharing platform curated to build an understanding of the digital transformation happening across the AEC sector in India. The forum will initiate conversations about the breakthroughs in the AEC sector from the adoption of the latest digital technologies inclusive of BIM, LiDAR, integrated geospatial and BIM (GEOBIM) solutions, AR/VR, AI, Block chain & cloud-collaboration to create an opportunity for the stakeholders to bridge the digital gaps to reap the utmost potential of technologies in the project life cycle.

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Location World

A technology conference for business intelligence and location tech professionals across various industries such as retail, banking, finance, insurance, media and advertising. The attendees discuss different developments and best practices around the application of location intelligence and location analytics in the area of business analytics and business intelligence.

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A seminar for the development, governance and geospatial communities to discuss and share experiences on using geospatial information for achieving SDGs and creating a sustainable world. The event aims to expand the awareness of the development community on the potential of geospatial technologies in enhancing their projects and maximizing the outcomes.

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