Geospatial Media and Communications Pvt. Ltd. (Formerly GIS Development Pvt. Ltd.) organizes regional and international conferences and exhibitions in the field of geospatial sciences, technologies and applications every year. Each of these conferences is a regional hotspot for technical discussions, deliberations and consensus building. The conferences function as a means of convergence of various stakeholders of the geospatial community with end users of geospatial information. Each of the Conference is designed to address the various challenges and highlights opportunity available at various levels along with displaying the technological advancements through the exhibition.

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10 - 12 February, 2015 HICC, Hyderabad, India
India Geospatial Forum ( Formerly known as Map India), one of the oldest geospatial conferences in India has seen diversified technology update, knowledge transfers, resource investigations, policy advocacy, achievements and successes. Since the year 1998, India Geospatial Conference has seen new dimensions and great heights to achieve the role of pioneers in circulating geospatial advocacy and knowledge in the country.

15 – 17 February, 2015 Hotel Al Bustan Rotana, Dubai

Middle East Geospatial Forum (Formerly known as Map Middle East) is an international platform designed for building networks to enable g-lateral ties in the Middle East region for geospatial community which aims to look into many aspects of this technology by bringing in the geospatial experts from across the length and breadth of the region.

3 - 4 March, 2015 Movenpick Ambassador Hotel, Accra, Ghana

Ghana Geospatial Forum aims to bring together professionals, service providers, researchers, technology users, policy makers and representatives from the industry and chalk out the ways and means required for the further expansion and growth of geospatial technology in Ghana.

2015, New Delhi, India

The rapid growth in economy has spurred the pace of urbanization and modernization in India. With this fast-paced growth the utilities – electricity, water, gas, telecom etc. – are under tremendous pressure to meeting the rising demand, ensuring quality supply and reliability. Given how crucial location-awareness of system components and consumers is for the utilities, the geospatial technology will have to play a big role in their day-to-day operations as well as strategic decision-making process. GeoGrid 2015, a two-day conference in New Delhi, intends to facilitate discussions on exploring the roles that geospatial technology can play in utilities management and spread awareness about its features among the end-users. It would focus on assessing the current state of uptake among utilities and paving the way for a better & truly smarter grid.

April, 2015, South Africa

Adopting innovative geospatial technologies like usage of digital data, environmental sensors, laser scanning, UAV’s and automation not only progress the entire process of mining but also increase its efficiency. Realising the importance of geospatial technologies in mining and identifying the lack of awareness about the new innovations, Geospatial Media and Communications put forward a platform to go ahead with the looming technologies. The primary focus of this programme is to connect the technology with the people, understanding the user‘s requirement and addressing the challenges to move further in the path of sustainable development. Keeping in mind the necessity of geospatial technologies for the major players , this forum on GEOMINING has been organised in South Africa which will serve as a knowledge grid to reveal the possibilities towards sustainable mining .

4 May, 2015, Brasil

Brasil is one of the leading economies of the world and agribusiness is one of its key economy driving industries. GeoAgri Brasil envisions to enrich the connection between geospatial professionals across agriculture sector in Brasil in order to explore the value proposition that geospatial technology brings in for efficient and effective decision making, higher productivity and cost effective solutions for this domain. The conference is particularly meaning to understand how technology and its application have transformed the agriculture sector of Brasil, in a span of few years. The agenda will ensue visionary and thought provoking deliberations and a panel discussion for lively debate and discussions on the key themes.

25 - 29 May 2015, Lisbon, Portugal

Over the years, Geospatial World Forum has matured as a conference and is now widely recognised as one of the most important geospatial industry event worldwide. The conference attracts key leaders from industry, academia and policy making organisations. There is no better place to learn about the latest industry developments and policy trends than Geospatial World Forum.

June, 2015, India

The two day conference will focus on design as the core philosophy for creating GeoSmart Innovations for Urban Development and building smart cities. With the increasing importance of location to provide greater context, mapping will be central to many visualizations of increasing information and data sources and driving research and innovations in infrastructure, utilities, transportation etc. The theme and sub themes will emphasize on issues that have a global relevance and the conference will attract participation from invested professionals from the technology domain, key decision makers, technology-user community, academicians, researchers and students of geospatial and smart technologies from all over the world.

GeoIntelligence Latin America is an initiative that aims to examine the programmes and systems that are transforming military and homeland security strategies throughout Latin America. It will focus on how GIS, GPS, imagery, 3D visualization, and spatial data contribute to mission success. The conference offers an unparalleled balance of substantive information with ample time for networking and socialising. It constitutes of interactive sessions bringing military, security officials, government, industry and consultants together to a platform to discuss and deliberate on significant and vibrant role of GIS in field of defence and homeland security and put their thinking caps together in order to discover numerous advanced ways to protect and maintain the nation's security with existing and upcoming geospatial technologies.

GeoIntelligenceIndia 2013, the seventh edition of the annual defence and internal security conference, is dedicated to the highest level of information exchange and networking within the Asian defence and security sector. It will focus on the perspectives and requirements of the decision makers who directly influence national security policy and procedures. The conference aims to bring together some of the most influential speakers and delegates from India and international defence and security establishment and industry. The conference will offer adequate opportunity for information sharing along with ample time for networking.

11 – 12 February, 2015, India

A high level discussion forum - GeoBuild Infrastructure - will be held in New Delhi. It aims to bring together experts from the Geospatial, AEC and Infrastructure industry across India. It will be focused on addressing challenges and opportunities of the Infrastructure sector in India. In addition, it will showcase solutions by who's who of the industry that can help you gain more accurate, accessible, and actionable insight, which will apparently help you throughout the execution and lifecycle the projects.

18 - 19 December, 2015 Johnsburg, South Africa
From the year 2006, Africa Geospatial Forum (Formerly known as Map Africa) conference has evolved tremendously with time, encompassing and deliberating on various application areas and emerging geospatial technologies for serving the same. The conference aims to look into many aspects of the geospatial technology in building the continent and highlight the significant role that geospatial hold in serving the various building blocks of a nation/continent. The conference intends to provide a unique forum for like-minded people to discuss on the latest offerings of geospatial technologies and how it contributes for social, economic and political development of Africa.

Malaysia Geospatial Forum, previously known as Map Malaysia, was initiated in 2006. The conference has travelled to Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Sabah and Melaka with average attendance of 350 delegates from across the country. The conference offers unique value proposition by reaching out to the wide-ranging industry stakeholders, i.e: various sectors of government departments, research Institutes, technology providers, academic Institutions, civil societies and end users.

The Latin America Geospatial Forum is the Annual Latin American Conference and Exhibition on Geospatial Information, Technology and Applications. The conference would highlight the need for firmly placing 'geospatial knowledge' at the heart of economic and development agenda of the nation. Latin America Geospatial Forum is an initiative that would provide a well-needed regional forum in Latin America for geospatial cooperation within Latin America and beyond the region.

Dubai, UAE

GeoBIM - Middle East aims to showcase how technical and strategic planning can help address the issue of cost and increasing ROI resulting in creating smart infrastructure. It will provide an ideal information gathering and sharing platform for those looking to deploy BIM + geospatial technologies and solutions to plan, design, build and operate the future cities of Middle East. It will showcase case studies on successful smart infrastructure projects in the Middle East region while bringing to the fore the kind of challenges faced by the sector and deliberate on the best available solutions aimed at helping the stakeholders to gain better and more actionable information related to the entire lifecycle of a smart infrastructure project. The Forum will bring together representatives and decision makers from the municipalities, urban planning agencies, construction and consulting firms, universities/research institutes and technology providers who are involved with the creation of smart cities.


During the last two years, Geospatial Media & Communications with the support of Board of Geographic Service(DSG) Brasilian Army(EB), has organised two very successful conferences, Geointelligence Latin America, which have attracted the best experts in the field, creating opportunities for conference attendees to learn about geospatial's most important issues through first-hand interactions with peers. Acknowledging the crucial role of geospatial technology in the field of strategic decisions, GeoIntelligence Brasil 2014, a dedicated two day event is being organised with an exclusive focus on defense, maritime and internal security issues as related to Latin America, with special emphasis on Brasil. Though Brasil is fortunate not to have any serious concerns regarding security threats from countries in its neighbourhood, issues related to security and environment protection of the Amazon region and its maritime assets are of grave importance. There is also the problem of narcotics trade and the looming sceptre of terrorism, particularly with the scheduled mega events in the next few years. This conference and exhibition will be the perfect platform for exchanging knowledge and showcasing the latest geospatial technologies available for intelligent decision making.

Aligning Geospatial and BIM technologies and processes to the business goals improves collaboration, efficiency and performance in planning and design phase, during construction, in post-build savings and for ongoing operational management. But there still needs to be awareness and understanding of the differences between geo-information and building information. Geospatial Media and Communications brings to you a high level discussion forum, GeoBIM Europe 2014 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands that aims to bring together experts from the Geospatial, AEC and Infrastructure industry across the region. It will focus on addressing challenges and opportunities of the Infrastructure sector in Europe. The primary agenda of the forum is to provide a platform to understand/acknowledge the need for leveraging Geospatial+BIM (Building Information Modelling) technologies in plan, design, build and operate. In addition, it will showcase solutions by who's who of the industry that can help you gain more accurate, accessible, and actionable insight, which will help you throughout the execution and lifecycle of infrastructure projects.


To deal with the urgent need of bringing together the geospatial user and technology community on a common platform, Geospatial Media and Communications is organising the Oman Geospatial Forum. Akin to our hugely successful expo events in Dubai, Geospatial Media and Communications takes extreme pleasure in inviting you to the world class geospatial technology showcase, the Oman Geospatial Forum in the development hub of Muscat. The event will offer an adequate opportunity for the participants to meet and interact with their existing and potential users and inform them about the latest developments, solutions and services. The two-day Oman Geospatial Forum will serve as a catalyst to connect existing customers and future prospects with key vendors in the region. The exhibition will offer latest and state-of-the-art facilities for national and international organisations representing government agencies, academia, user community and the industry to display their achievements and offerings. The event shall aim to be the networking hub in the region and assist in strengthening existing and creating new relationships between users and producers of geospatial products and services.

Asia Geospatial Forum (Formerly known as Map Asia) had revealed effective solutions on various concerns of Geospatial Technology in the Asia Pacific region; it has matured as a conference and is now widely recognised as one of the most important geospatial industry event in Asia Pacific. Geospatial Media and Communications (Formerly GIS Development) is resolute to take Asia Geospatial Forum to a privileged level in order to have its recognition as one of the largest Asian Geospatial Industry Event and the conference is in its way forward to achieve the desired objective.