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    Global Geospatial Industry Outlook
    Global Geospatial Industry Outlook
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What we do

Geospatial Media and Communications works towards realising its vision of 'Making difference through geospatial knowledge in world economy and society' , through following activities and programmes:

who we are

Who We Are

Geospatial Media & Communications is an internationally recognized organization that is committed to serving the stakeholders of the geospatial community. It aims to facilitate collaboration, and demonstrate the value and benefits of geospatial technology for organizations, governments and citizens.

We are the creators of GeospatialWorld.net, Geospatial World Forum, and Global Geospatial Outlook report.


GeoSmart Asia

22-24 August, 2017 Putrajaya, Malaysia Visit website

GeoIntelligence Asia Pacific

23 August, 2017 Putrajaya, Malaysia Visit website


23-24 November, 2017 Amsterdam, The Netherlands Visit website

Geospatial World Forum

16-19 January, 2018 Hyderabad, India Visit website

July – August

  • Revolution in Satellite Technology

September – October

  • Spatial Analytics & Business Intelligence

November – December

  • Reality Mesh & Digital Engineering